Thursday, July 24, 2008


While an automated process runs, I thought I would get in a quick post. When I was coming into work, I looked at a billboard for a local concert venue and it listed a couple of shows I wish I could go and see. James Taylor is coming August 4th and Dave Matthews Band is coming in the end of August. I didn't catch the exact date, because I'm not going. I wish I was.

On second thought, I wish I could go and have a closed in box seat. There aren't any at the amphitheater that they are coming to, and when you go to a DMB concert, you come home smelling like pot. The last time (and first and only time) I went to a DMB concert was back in August of 2003. After the opening act was done, and Dave walked out on stage, everybody else whipped out their fattys and lit up. I got a bad contact high and the munchies. I came home with a vicious headache and stunk so bad I had to take a shower before I could even crawl into bed.

I grew up listening to my family playing guitars and singing James Taylor songs. I don't think I would get a contact high from his show, but I still can't afford to go. I also missed B.B. King when he came to Wendover sometime earlier this year. I love his guitar work, and I really enjoy one of his songs: Paying The Cost To Be The Boss. Its all in jest of course. Sometimes, my kids tell me that I'm not the boss ("No, mom is", which is really true). I tell 'em, "I'm paying for this house, your clothes and your food. That's why I'm the boss." Yep, I'm paying the cost to be the boss, of at least something. I guess my "real" song would be The Man Song.

UPDATE: My wife doesn't want to be labeled as controlling or psychotic. She's not, by any means. But she does have, in her words, "a very strong personality." I call her an Alpha Female. I may wear the pants in the family, but she picks them out for me. I'm an easy going guy, and she has a strong personality. It works well for us. It may not for others. I love her so much!

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Adhis said...

I love "The Man Song"! I saw a video of it a few years ago and then it disappeared, so I forgot all about it. Thanks for the memory pill.

The only problem I have with Dave going to concerts is if I can't go! I like fun, too. We haven't been to a music concert since we dated though. We will, however, be going to a Brian Regan "concert" in August. That guy just cracks me up!