Sunday, June 07, 2009

Boys night out on the town

I had the privilege of taking the boys out on Saturday night. We hit up a few places and had a good time. Ain't nothin' like T-Town on a Saturday night! To understand that last statement, you can substitute your own favorite redneck town. For example: "Ain't nothin' like Monks Corner on a Saturday night!" or "South Augusta" or "Altus, OK".

We went to Blockbuster and nabbed Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii, then we went to Micky Dee's for McDoubles, fries and waters, otherwise known as "Sad Meals". If it's not a Happy Meal, then by definition its a "Sad Meal", right?

I made sure to wear my ring so it wouldn't look like it was out on visitation. Then we stopped at Walmart and then came home. The boys did great and had a wonderful time.

Later, I had a vision of this same night out in 8-10 years. We'd stop by Blockbuster for a game for our PS4 or Wii2, or whatever it'll be called. Then we would go to McDonalds and get 5 twenty piece nuggets and 4-5 large french fries and sodas. Then we'll have to go to Walmart to get something for the ladies at home, and another 5 gallons of milk that would last the next 3 days. Who knows. But we'll take it one day at a dime. And one gallon of milk at a time too.

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