Wednesday, June 18, 2008

12:00 hour

Apparently, noon is the poop hour most popular time to use the facilities here at work. We have two floors here at work, and on each floor is one big bathroom each for men and women. Since we men can go to the bathroom standing up 70% of the time, there is usually only 1-3 actual toilets in a typical men's room. I go into the second floor men's room at 12 to visit my other office, and I find the two thrones already in use. So off to the first floor I go. While I'm in there, someone else comes in and takes the other one there. So it was a busy time in the bathroom here at work.


Wendy said...

Try to pee when you are on a charter bus. When I played basketball in Oregon we would have these 20 hour long bus rides that would last all night long and they had us pee in the back of the bus. I wouldn't because I was freak out the bus would wreck when I was in the back trying to pee and then I would be stuck with my pants down. I was 18 then. I didn't know any better

Sara Lynes said...

My husband is so funny! He totally makes me laugh out loud!! And Wendy how funny is she too?!!! I love you people! I couldn't have it better in this life. People who make me laugh and love me despite my faults, who could ask for more?