Friday, June 20, 2008

Hurt and offended

I seem to have a way to make my wife hurt and offended. Yesterday it was about the family blog, and today it was because I forgot to do the dishes (which I told her I would do) and take out the trash. I don't really have an excuse, other than I forgot.

I really don't want to upset my wife. She is everything to me. It's just that watching "So You Think You Can Dance?" made me forget to do what I told her I would do.

She'll probably get upset when she finds out that I had an excellent lunch, paid for by the company, at Applebees. She doesn't get paid lunches. She's lucky to get to eat her lunch without having to share.


Sara and Eric Lynes Family said...

I love my husband and I am fully aware that there are certain benefits that come with his job that don't come with mine. What he seems to forget is that there are benefits that I enjoy that he doesn't have. For example, I can go to Home Depot all alone, or to wal-mart. For him, he says there is a mandatory 2 kid minimum. I of course don't fight him on that. I don't have to clock in and I can stay in pjs, even though I don't. I get more mommy leg hugs and kisses. And the best one yet is that I get to read the Airplane book and the truck book about 30 times a day. What could be better than that? I also get to be hit, yelled at, and called a fat stupid freak. If I were really a freak that kind of talk would turn me on. I am not though. Point is there are blessings and opportunites for both of us, they are just different. Sometimes I would like a paid for lunch without kids though, yeah, that would be nice.

Wendy said...

Eric your awesome. Sara always talks about how blessed she is to have a husband who loves her so much. Joseph and I respect you both so much and really admire what kind of example you have set for our family!

Adhis said...

See, the problem is that you are watching "So You Think You Can Dance?" That alone will kill the brain cells linked to good judgment.