Monday, August 04, 2008

I want me some CORN!

I loved the crows in Charlotte's Web. It was really funny to watch them and their pursuit of corn. Corn! Corn! Corn! Oh, how I love thee.

Well, not really. But corn does provide us with grits, tortillas, popcorn, cornbread, and let's not forget the source of what-used-to-be-cheap sweetener that most packaged food manufacturers use instead of the more "costly" "regular" sugar: high fructose corn syrup. Now corn is the enemy to Ammon, as he is allergic to it. I hope he gets over it soon so we can enjoy the bounteous blessings of corn consumption.

For the next few days, we as a stake have the responsibility to harvest the corn growing in Erda on the Church's farm. I'm going to help out. I was told that I'm going to drive a truck on Saturday and to bring my iPod. I'm going to make sure it's charged before I go and work. I haven't worked on this kind of farm before. I worked on a Church grape vineyard before, (we called it a "grape farm" since we don't drink wine) and ended up loosing about 1/2" of my right pointer finger to a piece of machinery used in the processing of grapes. The grapes are used for juice and jams, etc. I'm not exactly sure what the corn is going to be used for, but I know that it will be for a good purpose.

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