Monday, August 04, 2008

Itchy Insulation

I am slowly (some would say very slowly) finishing the basement of my house. On Saturday, I installed insulation in the ceiling of a future room which we haven't decided what it's purpose will be yet. We chose some role for it, then we change our minds. I'm pretty sure we have it narrowed down to either a bedroom or TV room. At one time, we had hoped to have the downstairs as just the sleeping quarters, while the upstairs was the space we are in during the day. We have some plumbing jobs to do first before we can really finish the job downstairs. One day we will have it all finished. Then I'll probably have a new job and we'll move...

One show that my wife and I have started to really get into is a show on HGTV called Extreme Living. I enjoy unusual houses and can't really stand the cookie-cutter, developer-builds-300-houses-using-4-house-plans types of houses, even though I live in one. I grew up in a custom home, and my wife did too, although her's is much more unique than mine was. That house is so different, it deserves it's own blog post. At least it was 100% paid for. Not many people can say that.


Alicefd said...

Hey Eric,
You are totally correct our house is different than any other house.Yes it is paid for but has never been completed. But there was always a lot of love there.Especially when you joined our family.
Thanks for my grandsons. We love you all this much(:___lots______lots_________:)

Jared said...

Dude, you are the man. I am so not the "installing insulation" type of guy. Or building or fixing anything, really...I know it may be slow going, but be happy, bro; you could be like me and have no discernable building ability at all.

The Graham Family said...

Hey Uncle Eric!(HE,HE! that sounds funny) It's your long lost neice. Mom told me that you had a blog, so I googled you. I just started one-Thegraham5.blogspot.You should check us out. There's not alot there yet, but I'm working on it!!
C-ya, Jennifer