Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You know you've hit the snooze too many times when...

There are sometimes when your imagination gets the best of you. It happens to me frequently when I've overslept. My dreams get strange. This one was pretty strange, and I thought I would share before I forget it.

I've hit the snooze at least once by this time when I'm following one/some of my children around the neighborhood. We go towards a house, and as I get to the front door, I can see that there must be a party going on or something, because the house is packed with people. Someone outside the house points to this man near the front door and says, "That's Dale Murphy." I go inside, look at him and walk past. He was talking to someone, and the house is full of people.

Side note. This is significant because as an LDS child of the South in the 80s, we all knew who Dale Murphy was. I had a poster of him wearing a Braves outfit and holding a glow-in-the-dark real size baseball bat. Anyway, he was pretty special to lots of people. My cousin and I have wanted to meet him for years. He lives somewhere here in Utah.

Now the funny part of the dream; the part where you realize you've slept too long. I walk past him and go towards the wall, and I start crying. Here is someone I've wanted to talk to for years ever since I was a child. I respected him greatly. So I'm trying to gain my composure when some unknown older man said, "Something must have moved this man. What is it son?" I want to try to explain it, but seeing that when I talk when crying, it always comes out wrong.

To end the story, when that older guy talked to me, I startled myself awake to see it was light outside. I know, not a good ending, but funny none the less. What makes it really funny is that in no way would I cry to meet anyone living on Earth. What ridiculous nonsense!

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