Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My extra helpful wife

Being bald isn't so bad. I started to go bald in high school, and by the time I was done with my mission, my hair on top had left for greener pastures (my back). It has the tendency to make me look older than I am. But anyway, who needs hair? It gets in the way.

There are some advantages to being bald, or hair-on-top impaired. You know those hotel samples of shampoo? Those last me about 2 weeks. I could go on a business trip and get enough shampoo to last me a month when I get home. My wife has bought a gallon of shampoo before. That is a lifetime supply for me.

I know it's time for a haircut when I actually have to FIX my hair before I can leave the house. I cut my own hair at home using some clippers that my wife, Sara, got at some beauty supply store or something. I use the 1/4" setting.

Here's where my wife became the extra helpful wife. I asked her very gently if she would be as kind as to trim my neck fur. Even if us guys aren't ashamed of our back hair, we don't want the hair on our heads and the hair on our shoulders and back to be one in the same. We like there to be some separation between the two.

I'm 6'5", and my wife is 5'3", so I had to get down on my knees for her to trim up my neck. She did a wonderful job at making a nice, straight line on my neck. Then she decided to do some serious manscaping. She ran those clippers from my neck, down my back and from side to side. 20 minutes later when she was done, I was 3 pounds lighter and the clippers were hot to the touch.

After I finished washing off the remnant hair in the shower, I was disappointed when I couldn't move the towel on my back at all. Apparently, when you shave a back with hair as thick as mine, it leaves behind velcro in it's place. The towel did not slide or fall off my back. The next day, my shirt wouldn't move. Now I get to look forward to regrowth! My wife suggested that I get it waxed, but I don't think you could pay that little Asian lady in the salon enough money to do that.


Wendy said...

ERIC! You are the funniest blog writer that I have on my blog list! You're awesome!

Alice Faye said...

Eric you are the greatest guy. I wish I could think of things that are as fun to write about like you.
But I'm just a good old ( YOUNG ) grandma.
Turning 65 just made me fell like a kid again.
I get another year to be with my family.
Love you a lots.

Adhis said...


By the time I realized what I was reading it was too late!